A Route to Pdo from PdII Metallacycles in Animation and Cross-Coupling Chemistry

A Route to Pd<sup>o</sup>&nbsp;from Pd<sup>II</sup>&nbsp;Metallacycles in Animation and Cross-Coupling Chemistry

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl.  199635,  2359-2361.

PdII/PdIV or PdII/Pd0? The unusual PdII catalyst 1 was reduced to a Pd0 complex by reaction with an amine and a base. β-Hydrogen elimination and subsequent C[BOND]H bond-forming reductive elmination generate a coordinated tris(o-tolyl)phosphane. The same palladium(II) metallacycle was reduced to Pd0 in a cross-coupling reaction by C[BOND]C bond-forming reductive elimination to form coordinated P(oTol)2-(C6H4CH2Ar). Thus, these compounds can react by a PdII/Pd0-containing catalytic cycle. Read more on publisher's site.