Short Courses

Prof. Hartwig teaches three external short courses:
  1. Catalytic Functionalization of C-H bonds (half-day or full day)
  2. Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions (full day or 1.5 days)
  3. Fundamentals of Organometallic Chemistry for Catalysis (half-day or full day)
The curriculum of the half-day course on the catalytic functionalization of C-H bonds includes the borylation and silylation of aryl, heteroaryl, and alkyl C-H bonds. Topics include classes of catalysts, regioselectivity, directed reactions of arenes, directed reactions at alkyl C-H bonds, and reaction mechanisms. The curriculum of the full day course includes additional classes of functionalizations of C-H bonds, such as directed reactions at arenes and heteroarenes, as well as direct arylations and oxidative arylations.

The curriculum of the course on metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions includes basic principles, classes of catalysts, updates on classic couplings, cross couplings to form C-N bonds catalyzed by palladium and copper, couplings to install carbonyl, sulfonyl, and nitrile functionality, coupling of alkyl electrophiles, including enantioselective coupling of alkyl electrophiles, and cross electrophile coupling. Discussions of the reaction mechanisms is incorporated into each topic.

The course on fundamentals of organometallic chemistry for catalysis includes trends in the properties of metals and ligands, fundamentals of elementary reactions organometallic systems undergo (ligand substitution, oxidative addition, reductive elimination, migratory insertion, beta and alpha eliminations, cycloadditions and oxidative couplings), and the basics of catalytic mechanisms and how the elementary reactions are combined to create the most synthetically important catalytic processes.

Contact Prof. Hartwig by email if you are interested in holding one or more of these short courses at your site.