Our research group aims to discover, develop and understand new transition metal-catalyzed reactions. The discovery of fundamentally new transition metal chemistry and its development into practical, catalytic synthetic methods is a theme of our research.


February 2021: The lab celebrates Black History Month by highlighting specific Black chemists and their accomplishments. Check out our presentations here.

January 2021: Dr. Pengfei Ji will begin his new position as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Zhejiang University, China.

January 2021: Dr. Zhennan Liu will begin her new position as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore.

October 2020: Prof. John F. Hartwig won the 2021 Arthur C. Cope Award.

October 2020: Dr. Adrian Tlahuext Aca will begin his new position as a Senior Scientist at Corteva Agriscience in Indianapolis, IN.

October 2020: Dr. Jean-Denys Hamel will begin his new position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of of Lethbridge, Canada.

September 2020: Dr. Liye Chen will begin his new position as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Cellular Molecular Pharmacology at University of California San Francisco, CA.

September 2020: Dr. Caleb Karmel will begin his new position as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Cardiovascular Research Inst., School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco.

May 2020: Dr. Justin Wang will begin his new position as a Senior Scientist at Chevron Corporation, Richmond, CA.

May 2020: Dr. Bo Su will begin his new position as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Nankai University, China.


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