Our Chemistry

Our research group aims to discover, develop and understand new transition metal-catalyzed reactions. The discovery of fundamentally new transition metal chemistry and its development into practical, catalytic synthetic methods is a theme of our research.

Alumni Profiles

Hundreds of Hartwig Group alumni have found successful careers in academia, industry, and the government.
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Janis Louie
Professor and University Administrator
Grace Mann
Senior Director, Global Clinical Oncology
Clare Muhuro
Professor and Advisor for International Development
Erik Romero
New Professor at UCSD
Dan Weix
Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jackie Murphy
Research Scientist at Dow-DuPont
Christo Sevov
2021 DOE Early Career Award Winner
Hanna Key
Assistant Professor at Davidson College
Rebecca Green
Senior Principal Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb
Sean N. Natoli
P&G Research Group Leader

News & Events

July 2021: Prof. Erik Romero will begin his new position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of California, San Diego, CA.

May 2021: Prof. Yang Gu will begin his new position as an Associate Professor at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Techonolgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China.

February 2021: The lab celebrates Black History Month by highlighting specific Black chemists and their accomplishments. Check out our presentations here.

January 2021: Dr. Pengfei Ji will begin his new position as a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Zhejiang University, China.

January 2021: Dr. Zhennan Liu will begin her new position as a Research Scientist at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore.

October 2020: Prof. John F. Hartwig won the 2021 Arthur C. Cope Award.

October 2020: Dr. Adrian Tlahuext Aca will begin his new position as a Senior Scientist at Corteva Agriscience in Indianapolis, IN.

Recent Publications

Conk, R.J.; Hanna, S.; Shi, J.X.; Ciccia, N.R.; Qi, L.; Bloomer, B.J.; Yang, J.; Su, J.; Heuvel, S.; Wills, T.; Bell, A.T.; Hartwig, J.F. Catalytic Deconstruction of Waste Polyethylene with Ethylene to Form Propylene. Science  2022377,  1561-1566.
Choi K, Mormino MG, Kalkman ED, Park J, Hartwig JF Palladium-Catalyzed Aryldifluoromethylation of Aryl Halides with Aryldifluoromethyl Trimethylsilanes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  2022None,  ASAP.
Bloomer, B.J.; Clark, D.S.; Hartwig, J.F. Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities with Artificial Metalloenzymes in Biosynthesis. Biochem.  202261,  ASAP.
Ma, S.; Xi, Y.; Fan, H.; Roediger, S.; Hartwig, J.F. Enantioselective hydroamination of unactivated terminal alkenes. Chem  20228,  535-542.
Hanna, S.; Bloomer, B.; Ciccia, N.R.; Butcher, T.W.; Conk, R.J.; Hartwig, J.F. Contra-thermodynamic Olefin Isomerization by Chain-Walking Hydroboration and Dehydroboration. Org. Lett.  202224,  1005-1010.