Kyoungmin Choi

Kyoungmin Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea, and obtained his B.S. degree at the Department of Chemistry Education of Seoul National University in 2013. He then moved to the Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, to carry out his Ph.D. studies under the guidance of Prof. Chulbom Lee. During his Ph.D. course from 2013 to 2019, he developed asymmetric carbocyclization reactions of alkynes enabled by rhodium vinylidene-mediated catalysis or rhodium-catalyzed tandem addition–cyclization process. In January 2020, he joined the Hartwig group at UC Berkeley to develop practical methods for C–N cross-coupling reactions from aryl chlorides. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, and solving Rubik's Cube (For his official records, see: